Gearing Up for Book 2 | author’s note

I’ve been making kind of amazing progress on my latest book the past week or so, finally well past the halfway point and seeing the light at the end of the story. At the same time, I’m preparing to release the second book in the series on Wednesday.

It’s all ready to go, edited (and re-edited by my wonderful mom) and uploaded and priced, I just have to hit that final publish button and suddenly I’m the author of TWO books on Amazon. I feel like it’s going to be a lot easier to sell people on my series when I actually have a series available to sell—two books is a great start, three will be even better, and so on until all seven are published.

It’s exciting and daunting, as this whole process has been, not to mention hugely gratifying. I’m living my lifelong dream—writing published books just like a REAL author, creating stories that people are enjoying. It’s a bit overwhelming to realize. I just feel so grateful and blessed—and also optimistic that someday my books might be in print, though for now ebooks are more than enough.

Onto the next book!

– Emily

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