The Coolest Thing EVER | author’s note

This afternoon, as I compulsively checked my Kindle Direct Publishing account to see how many ebooks I’ve sold since, well, yesterday, I realized that KDP is just about the coolest thing ever. A free way to publish and sell books, allowing me to make actual money off my writing through Amazon, my favorite online marketplace? Seriously cool!

A year ago I couldn’t even contemplate publishing my books myself, knowing it would take a hefty investment of cash to get seven or more titles in print. So I sat on the final drafts, occasionally sent out a query letter and continued to write whenever possible.

Now I feel like I’ve been handed a golden ticket marked “Kindle!” that lets me publish and distribute my work, magically removing all the obstacles I once thought were so large and unconquerable, all for the bargain price of nothing down.

It pretty much rocks.

Then I logged into my WordPress blog in order to rhapsodize about KDP, and realized that WordPress is beyond awesome, too, giving me a way to create a fully customized and functional website that also happens to be completely free. And Amazon’s author page – outstanding service, costs nothing. And Goodreads, so rad and easy to use.

For a writer with ambition and creative drive but limited money, these resources – not to mention all the others available right now – make it incredibly easy to publish, publicize, blog, connect, share… No more excuses for not getting your work out there. Maybe you start from the bottom, but the thing is, you START. Hands down, this is an amazing time to be a self-published author.

And that’s just beyond cool.

– Emily

6 thoughts on “The Coolest Thing EVER | author’s note

  1. I happened across this post and the sentiments were so much like mine I had to comment. I couldn’t have imagined publishing until a year ago when a friend introduced me to self publishing. I followed btw. Look forward to reading more.


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