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In a House of Strangers (Book 12)

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She’s dead. Oh, God, she’s dead…

Mindy Faraday’s life just fell apart. Within weeks, she went from self-assured future lawyer to defeated, aimless mess, living in sweatpants in her parents’ spare room. Her family, with no idea what to do with her, hopes a change of scenery might help. Shipped off to visit her aunt in Portugal, Mindy arrives in Lisbon to find no shortage of distractions to take her mind off her problems. Her attractive step-cousin, Luciano, for one, as well as his siblings, lively Renata and reserved Claudio.

Warmly welcomed by her Aunt Jane and Tio Jorge, overseas for the first time in a beautiful city, Mindy begins to see her situation in a new light. Maybe her older sister Molly had it right all along, and life shouldn’t be carefully planned in advance.

And then troubling things begin to happen. Mindy finds herself caught up in an intense and unexpected love affair, and becomes a witness to events she can’t explain. Anxious and isolated, she struggles to make sense of what she’s seen—until a shocking tragedy forces her to face her issues, trust her instincts and make more than one unbearable choice.

New Release: Spiders in a Dark Web

Kindle Edition: $4.99 | Paperback Edition: $10.95

Just beyond my sight was a vast menacing darkness, a web of greed and lies and violence. It touched me, had touched my parents, though we never knew it existed. And now that I’d seen it, I couldn’t ever go back to unseeing. I was a part of it now. Connected by a dozen different strands, held fast by its shadowy influence. 

Her cousin Marianne is the only family Lola Bright has left. They’ve grown apart over the years, but Lola had no idea how far—not until Marianne shows up at her LA apartment and tells her to run.

Hiding out in a vintage camper in Half Moon Bay, Lola finds herself isolated, trapped by unknown threats, and inexplicably drawn to a man surrounded by his own troublesome mysteries. She decides to risk exposure to learn the truth about her cousin—and finds out much more than she ever wanted to know.

Following a trail that takes her from New York to Arizona and back to California, from the arms of a lover to a cell block on Rikers Island to a dive bar in Tucson, Lola becomes enmeshed in a dark and dangerous mystery that will leave no part of her life unchanged.

Praise from readers for the Sliding Sideways series:

“…a fun read with believable, likeable characters.”

“The never predictable plot keeps you reading until done. Mystery lovers will enjoy this one. Emily Senecal is a gifted writer who draws you to her every book.”