Selling Myself on Self-Promotion | author’s note

Now that I’m really doing it, actually selling my books through Amazon as a self-published author, suddenly I’m faced with something I have a really hard time doing: effective self-promotion.

I never mind when other people promote their books, businesses, bands, creations, blogs, whatever amazing things they’re doing. I don’t think “FOR SHAME!” and shake my head at their audacity—totally the opposite. I’m always interested and impressed, whether or not I want to buy the album or artwork or jewelry.

So what is it about promoting my own novels that I’m having a hard time overcoming? Just one of those psychological hangups? I’m embarrassed to say how proud I am of my work and how I think everyone in the world could enjoy my books and should go ahead and buy them?

Not so, I AM proud and I DO think everyone should buy them! (Everyone who likes good escapist fiction and reads ebooks on Kindle, anyway.)

I think I just need to get over my extremely useless self-consciousness and remind myself that I’m grateful and proud and honored to have somehow written this series and that people have enjoyed them and want to support me. And as my own agent and publicist and publisher, I owe myself (as author) the best publicity possible. The truth is, negative judgments about myself have absolutely nothing to do with anything and are just getting in my way.

So here’s my new resolution: be bold and uninhibited in my ongoing self-promotion. Just do it and enjoy the doing—and remember how glad I am when others share their enterprises and creations, giving me the opportunity to participate in their success.

That being said, I’d love to hear YOUR challenges, experiences, suggestions, and hangups when it comes to promoting your projects—please share!

– Emily

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