Finding Inspiration | author’s note

I’m not going to use the word “stuck,” because it isn’t completely accurate. Finding the right word or phrase is always important, and stuck sounds so negative. Like I’m stuck in something sticky and unpleasant, which definitely isn’t the case. Instead, I’ll say I’ve been positively challenged as I determine what my characters are going to do next. They’re all showered and dressed for the day, they just need to get going. Somewhere.

I have some ideas, and as soon as I sit down and get to it I know they’ll move quickly. Probably they’re going to drive downtown and look at a building, but I need to flesh that out some. The point of this post is to say how great and exciting it is that the minute I’m the least little bit challenged, the universe conspires to remind me why I love doing this and want to keep at it, no matter how recalcitrant my characters are.

One constant source of inspiration is my mom, who always lets me run things by her. If I bore anybody with yammering on about my writing and what progress I have (or haven’t) made, it’s my endlessly supportive friend-parent who never fails to listen, give her thoughts, offer help and cheer me on.

Friends and other family members, too, are a wonderful source of support and stories and ideas, not only generously buying and reviewing my books but also giving me an excuse to take breaks, get out into the world and have a good time. A new-old friend I’ve been lucky enough to connect with just thoughtfully invited me to dinner with a wonderful group of people, jumping at the chance to introduce me to two published authors. During the course of a great evening, both of these highly accomplished women were beyond gracious, friendly, interested and encouraging, one in particular talking frankly about her struggles, experiences and processes and offering advice as needed. How all-around inspiring can you get?

Last week I finally joined Twitter and found a vibrant community of authors, many self-published, all working to support and follow each other, share information and celebrate others’ successes. WordPress, too, has provided an instant and valuable network of bloggers and writers eager to share, support and celebrate.

I’m beyond grateful for all the encouragement and help – and just about ready to open up that Word file and thrown down another couple of thousand words!

– Emily

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