“Book 2: Danger in Academia” Now Available!

“Danger in Academia,” the second book in the Strangers on This Road series, was released today for Amazon Kindle.

“Danger in Academia” by Emily Senecal

Kindle Purchase Price: $2.99 | Free with Kindle Unlimited

Who knew academic life could be so dangerous?

Lainey Parker, now a senior at Columbia College in New York, is as concerned as the rest of her classmates when her favorite professor goes missing. But unlike her fellow students, Lainey happens to witness two very suspicious characters searching the professor’s office for a mysterious “item.” And when a certain agent for Interpol shows up to investigate, the very same man who broke Lainey’s heart four years before, things really begin to get interesting—not to mention deadly.

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What readers are saying about the first book in the series, “Strangers on This Road”…

“…a perfect book to take a break from real life and get lost in.” – Cynthia M.

“This book pulls you in right from the get go…” – Tracy O.

“Love love love the book. Can’t put it down….” – Stacey G.

“I liked the humor and intelligent commentary as well as the blend of romance and mystery…” – Jean M.

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