Adventures of an Ex-Soap Starlet in L.A.

Molly Faraday, first introduced as Lainey Parker’s roommate in Book 2, Danger in Academia, takes the stage in my fifth suspense novel, Death on the Menu. While she’s more than comfortable under the limelight, with years of experience in theatre and a short but successful run as troubled teenager Bethany Graystone on the soap “Hearts on Fire,” the kind of attention she gets from Interpol, when they mistake her for a murderer, isn’t quite what she’s used to.

It all began with a body…

Now that she’s moved from New York to LA, Molly’s just finding her feet in the city of dreams and delusions – until she nearly steps on the body of a dead man in the restaurant where she works. If that wasn’t a traumatic enough experience, soon after she gets a surreal phone call from a friend in Interpol’s DC office, analyst Aiden Kinnear, informing her that she’s being considered as a possible suspect in the crime.

And then a sinister black SUV begins to follow her around. Interpol steps up their investigation of the murder. The guy she really likes totally blows her off for no reason at all. A tough skin, common sense and a winsome head shot won’t help Molly navigate these dark and murky waters. She’s suddenly drawn into a dangerous game of criminal syndicates, mistaken identity and shady investigations, and isn’t at all sure who to trust.

I love Molly. She’s very different from me – a highly confident extrovert, which I am definitely not – so she was really fun to write in first person. Just to give you a little taste of her character, here are some pieces of worldly wisdom that she might share…

Dating and life advice, by Molly:

  • Ladies, don’t try to handle a player. You know when a guy is one, just don’t even bother. You don’t need the drama. A one-night stand is the best you can expect. Get your fling on and get out quickly, and – great as he might seem – don’t look back.
  • When Interpol thinks you’ve killed someone, it’s smart to avoid even a parking ticket. You just don’t want to take the chance.
  • It doesn’t hurt to look good, no matter what craziness is going on in your life. Hot yourself up. Put on some black mascara, wear the sexy jeans, buy a new Wet ‘N Wild red lip gloss, do your hair that cute way. It helps.
  • If you’re going on a date, even with someone you’re not totally into because they person you are into has made it clear that he’s not into you for reasons that you don’t get, just try to have fun. Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now or Mr. NO WAY NEVER, it’s still a chance to get out of your apartment and have a great time.
  • Don’t buy into it when someone says you’re “supposed to”  live a certain way. There are no right ways and wrong ways to live your life, and no rules for how to do things or in what order. Just do the best you can, be real, be kind and enjoy yourself.
  • If you buy a plant, water it sometimes.
  • Only count calories 80% of the time. If you’ve been kidnapped and held hostage and nearly sold into prostitution, you can have a few donuts. Or even if you’ve just had a rough Tuesday. It’s really okay.
  • Follow your dreams, even if they lead you into weird places. It’s all life experience and you only have this one shot to have it, right? Besides, you can always change your mind and go after a new dream.
  • Reach out to strangers. Even in scary situations. You might find unexpected allies who could literally save your life.
  • Never doubt your awesomeness. Other people will do that for you.
    – Molly Faraday

Check out a sneak preview of Death on the Menu, Chapter 1, available on Kindle November 1 for only $2.99!

– Emily

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