“Thankful” just isn’t a strong enough word | author’s note

A lot of bloggers will be posting about Thanksgiving in the next week, giving thanks, counting blessings and good stuff like that. I don’t mean to be unoriginal, but I can’t help but jump on the gratitude bandwagon and say how intensely grateful and humble I feel this year to have achieved my longtime dream of publishing my books. Writing them has been a challenge and joy, sharing them with friends has given me so much pleasure—and now I get to point to them on Amazon and say, yes, that’s my work. I created that.

It’s an incredible feeling.

My mom and me, about to blow up Las Vegas with our awesomeness.

I couldn’t have done this alone. Not without my support system, especially (and she features a lot on here) my mom, Jean Meyer, who has far surpassed being a caring parent and friend by taking on the demanding roles of editor and promoter. Her enthusiastic networking has by far sold the most copies of my books, and her keen brain has caught some pretty major plot holes, not to mention countless errors and an embarrassing overuse of the word “weird.” On top of that, she sent me the Amazon link in the first place, inspiring me to take this step. She deserves endless credit and acknowledgement for helping make my dream possible, and I’m more thankful for her support than I can ever fully express.

While I’m at it, I’m extremely grateful for my friends for, among other things, putting up with constant summaries and updates about my books, especially Tracy, Susan and Madelyn. My excited babbling must get old after a while, and yet you all listen patiently and never tell me to get over it already. (Please never do.)

I’m also grateful for Kindle Direct Publishing, for giving me the means to publish—I know it’s to Amazon’s advantage to encourage self-publishing and they make money on it, but it’s still a fantastic service—and the Twitter, WordPress and Goodreads communities I’ve stumbled into, providing me with a network of inspiring and informative fellow writers.

Finally, I’m grateful for YOU—thank you for reading and supporting independent authors!

I have a whole lot in my life to give thanks for—and believe me, I don’t take any of it for granted. In addition to all my other blessings, I give extra thanks this year for the opportunity to publish my series and share my books with a wider audience, an unbelievably rewarding journey that feels like it’s only just begun.

Wishing you a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving,
– Emily

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