Romance, intrigue and adventure… THE NIGHT FERRY now available on Kindle!

Up until her 30th birthday, Megan Hofflin’s life had been pretty ordinary. And then she a takes an overnight ferry ride from Sweden to Finland, plunging her into the heart of a very strange adventure…

The next book in the Strangers on This Road series is now available for Kindle and in paperback.


“The Night Ferry” by Emily Senecal

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Night_Ferry_COVER2A vacation in Europe is the start of a dangerous adventure…

When Megan Hofflin steps aboard the night ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki, she has no idea that the course of her life is about to change. Enter Allegra, a beautiful woman who collapses into Megan’s arms, gasping for breath—followed by Allegra’s dour yet oddly appealing companion, Cai. The couple is shrouded in fear, driven to deadly measures to achieve their ends, desperate for Megan’s help. Try as she might, Megan just can’t seem to resist their charm, finding herself drawn inescapably deeper into the mystery.

Suddenly, rational Megan must try to make sense of the bizarre and terrifying events happening all around her, as well as her oddly intense feelings for Cai, as they race from Finland to Denmark on a wild chase for a valuable object with unknown enemies closing in on every side.

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What readers are saying about the other books in the series:

“I liked this book so well I read it first for the ‘what happens next?’ and then reread for more details!”

“The fact that we meet new people that tie together back to people from the prior books is wonderful.”

“…a perfect book to take a break from real life and get lost in.”

“Love love love the book. Can’t put it down….”

“I liked the humor and intelligent commentary as well as the blend of romance and mystery…”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read what mystery comes up next.”

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