A RACE TO FIND ANSWERS… Book 7 Released on Kindle!!!

Why would the disappearance of a British man in Paris have anything to do with Megan Hofflin? And how’s she supposed to find the answers to this strange and complex puzzle without anything to go on?

The seventh installment of the Strangers on This Road series is now available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. Get your copy today, and check out all the books in this suspenseful and entertaining series!

“The Missing Tourist” by Emily Senecal

Kindle Purchase Price: $2.99 | Prime Members: $0.00 (borrow for free)

Missing_Tourist_COVERJust when Megan thought she was settled into her new life, everything fell apart…

Megan Hofflin’s first winter in Copenhagen has barely begun, and she already loves everything about it—especially living with her boyfriend, Cai. That is, until Cai begins acting very strangely, disrupting their happy home. Things go from bad to worse when he suddenly disappears, with no explanation, right when family friends—people Megan barely knows—are coming to visit. Still, entertaining guests sounds a lot better than worrying alone. She might as well clean the house, stock the fridge and make the best of it.

When a mysterious message arrives from Cai, Megan is forced to trust her new companions, Lainey and Aiden, as the three of them dash to Paris to discover the secret Cai is hiding and help solve the puzzle of the missing British tourist. Racing against time, with only scattered clues to go on, they follow a trail leading to a surprising journey’s end.

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What readers are saying about the other books in the series:

“I liked this book so well I read it first for the ‘what happens next?’ and then reread for more details!”

“The fact that we meet new people that tie together back to people from the prior books is wonderful.”

“…a perfect book to take a break from real life and get lost in.”

“Love love love the book. Can’t put it down….”

“I liked the humor and intelligent commentary as well as the blend of romance and mystery…”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read what mystery comes up next.”

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