Book 9, Murder on Santorini

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Wrong place, wrong time… An unlucky chance draws Becca Rossiter into a dangerous mystery. Find out what happens in the ninth installment of the series, the second featuring Becca (introduced in Book 8: Beneath These Streets).

Cover Image © / ianwoolAn idyllic vacation, interrupted by murder…

Becca Rossiter arrives on the Greek island of Santorini bathed in bright sunshine, with three weeks of vacation and a promising romance ahead of her—a dream come true. Only one day later, and the dream has changed into a nightmare. With her friend and local archeologist, Cal Fellows, she witnesses a brutal killing in the steep and twisting streets of Ia. Eluding the murderer, they escape and report the crime, hoping that will be the end of the matter.

But as they continue their travels through the Cyclades, Becca can’t shake the uneasy feeling that they’re being followed. Throw in a mysterious Greek millionaire, a spoiled Mediterranean beauty, a surprising arrival from California and a series of deadly threats, and before they know it Becca and Cal find themselves caught in a complicated web of secrets, villains and deceit.


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Book 1, Strangers on This Road: Lainey Parker’s first mystery, set on Catalina Island, involves her in an international criminal investigation
Book 2, Danger in Academia: Lainey Parker, now a college student at Columbia, has her second encounter with crime
Book 3, Enemy at the Wedding: A family wedding in England turns deadly for Lainey Parker
Book 4, The Heartbroken Brides: Lainey Parker stumbles into an unexpected mystery in San Francisco, and learns some surprising truths about her past
Book 5, Death on the Menu: Molly Faraday is drawn into murder, criminal conspiracies and mistaken identity in L.A.
Book 6, The Night Ferry: Megan Hofflin finds adventure and romance on the night ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki
Book 7, The Missing Tourist: Megan Hofflin races across Europe to solve a strange mystery
Book 8, Beneath These Streets: A chance encounter pulls Becca Rossiter into detection and danger in San Francisco
Book 9, Murder on Santorini: Becca Rossiter’s idyllic vacation in Greece is interrupted by murder
Book 10, An Empty House: A dream job turns into a puzzling investigation for Paige Brody
Book 11: Saints and Enemies: Mysterious accidents and unknown enemies disrupt Hannah Wood’s trip to Marseille
Book 12: In a House of Strangers: A bizarre murder changes the fate of Mindy Faraday

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