Can I claim this on my taxes? | author’s note

It’s official—GREECE!

I’ve made plans to travel to Greece for three weeks next spring, and am so lucky to have my stellar editor and dear friend, who also happens to be my mom, going with me.

Greek_FlagI would count it as a research trip and try to write off the cost, but since the book I set in Greece will be coming out this December, I don’t think that will work. It’ll be worth it regardless. Ever since I first began researching the Greek Islands, Santorini and Crete in particular, I’ve been longing to go. Long before that, one of my favorite suspense authors, Mary Stewart, set some wonderful books in Greece (“The Moon-Spinners,” “This Rough Magic” and “My Brother Michael”), and through her stories the country captured my imagination. Even so, I hadn’t consciously considered setting one of my own books there. Somehow it all just came together—long after I invented the character of Cal in book 8 (“Beneath These Streets”) and had him working in Thebes.

We don’t have a final itinerary yet, but will be arriving in Athens and spending time in Crete and the Cyclades. I plan to keep a journal, and will post my blog entries and photos from the road. It might even end up providing juicy material for my next book.

In the meantime, “Murder on Santorini,” the ninth installment in the series, will be released sometime before Christmas. Tomorrow and Friday, November 14-15, all my previous books, 1-8, will be available for free on Kindle through a special promotion. Be sure to check them out!

γειά σας for now!
– Emily

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