Adventures in Greece | author’s note

My mom and I, with the windmill on the cover of "Murder in Santorini" in the background

My amazing traveling companion and I, with the windmill pictured on the cover of “Murder on Santorini” in the background.

I just got back this week from a wonderful 18-day trip to Greece with my mom, which was entirely inspired by researching my last book. I’m happy to report that I didn’t noticeably mess up any facts or details, though of course seeing a place is very different from reading about it. At some point I’ll review “Murder on Santorini” again with the eyes of someone who’s actually BEEN to Crete and Santorini, but for the moment I’m happy to feel like I did a pretty good job translating research into writing.

I did keep a blog of my travels, more personal than professional, which you can read here if you’re interested. Now back to reality, with the renewed sense of appreciation for home and ordinary life that vacation can give.

I’m hoping to start work on a new book soon, and who knows? Wherever I set the story might just be the location of the next extended trip I take. If my experience in Greece is anything to go by, it’s an excellent way to plan a vacation.

– Emily

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