Just as Paige Brody hopes her luck is finally changing for the better, fate intervenes and embroils her in a dangerous mystery. The tenth installment of the Strangers on This Road series is now available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback! Get your copy today, and check out all the books in the series.

“An Empty House” by Emily Senecal


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“What happened to Sarah Baxter?”

Tremaine Hall stands empty and derelict. Nearly fifty years ago, a woman left her home and disappeared without a trace—never to return…

Paige Brody is broke and unemployed, uneasily wondering how she’ll pay next month’s bills. After two layoffs and a terrible relationship, she’s ecstatic to find herself hired as an assistant to an unconventional and talented photojournalist, finally landing what seems like the ideal job. R.B. Withering is a woman of few words and independent means, relying on Paige’s help to begin work on her next piece. They arrive in London without a hitch—and then R.B.’s slick, devious cousin appears, and bad luck quickly follows.

What starts as a short research trip to a tiny village in England unravels into murder, missing persons and layers of mystery, throwing Paige into an investigation that reveals startling things about her own past. Far from home, with only strangers to count on, Paige seeks to find answers in her own life as well as to the puzzles before her.

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What readers are saying about the other books in the series:

“Superb story. I enjoy the [Strangers on This Road] series as much as I did from the first one… Hope they keep coming!!”

“Another enjoyable, easy read. Emily Senecal books are great to read on a quiet weekend afternoon. Will read the next book in this series soon.”

“The fact that we meet new people that tie together back to people from the prior books is wonderful.”

“…a perfect book to take a break from real life and get lost in.”

“Love love love the book. Can’t put it down….”

“I liked the humor and intelligent commentary as well as the blend of romance and mystery…”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read what mystery comes up next.”

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