NEW RELEASE: The Element of Truth

Available now!

Already finished season 3 of “Ozark” and looking for a new read to beat the isolation blues? Check out my newest binge-worthy romantic suspense, now available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

The Element of Truth

The Element of Truth by Emily Senecal

Cal senior Sunny Quinn always trusts her instincts. So when she sees Des Merrick for the first time, and feels an immediate and intense connection with him, she believes it’s the real thing.

And then it’s over, before it can even begin, leaving her with a life lesson and not a little doubt and pain.

Three years later, Sunny’s happily settled in San Francisco, working as a café manager, when news of the violent death of a former UC Berkeley classmate sets off a chain of bizarre and disturbing events. She was afraid of Tobias Bronson, the man who came very close to stalking her, and now someone has murdered him. Dark forces are suddenly at work in Sunny’s life, drawing her into an incomprehensible mystery—and back into the company of Des Merrick, who isn’t the person she thought he was. Who he really is remains to be seen.

Threatened by unseen enemies, joined by unlikely—and maybe untrustworthy—allies, Sunny finds herself faced with an unthinkable choice. To walk away, or to risk everything to discover the truth.

A bingeable romantic suspense for fans of Stephenie Meyer, Mary Stewart and Elizabeth Peters.

Kindle $2.99; free with Kindle Unlimited | Paperback $10.95

Literary review:

“Emily Senecal’s writing gives readers compelling, well-constructed plots that bring us deep into the lives of complex characters, and her narratives are accentuated by artistic imagery and a vivid sense of setting. The result is highly readable fiction that stays with the reader, writing one could classify as literary fiction just as easily as mystery.” –Zack O’Neill, University of Houston Writing Fellow, former editor-in-chief of Yemassee Literary Journal

Praise from readers for the Strangers on This Road series:

“…a fun read with believable, likeable characters.”

“The never predictable plot keeps you reading until done. Mystery lovers will enjoy this one. Emily Senecal is a gifted writer who draws you to her every book.”

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