NEW RELEASE: Dark Web of Deceit

Available now on Amazon!

The suspenseful sequel to Spiders in a Dark Web is now available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

Dark Web of Deceit: A novel of suspense

It’s been raining for weeks, delaying construction on Lola Bright and Peter Owen’s new home. After almost a year together, things are looking pretty sodden in their relationship, as well. Why is Peter so prickly and distant? When did she become jealous, and so full of doubts?

One text message changes everything. Lola’s cousin Marianne, who they believed to be safely unreachable in Witness Protection, is caught in a life or death situation and needs their help in tracking down a possible lead. Lola and Peter agree to spend a few days in Honolulu, combining an impromptu vacation with detecting on her behalf—a deceptively simple proposition.

Even as they enjoy the warm weather, beautiful beaches and a chance to reconnect, sinister forces are moving just out of sight. Allies may be enemies, stories don’t add up, and innocent people are in danger.

Caught in a twisted investigation involving murder, blackmail and the FBI’s Most Wanted, Lola and Peter will have to get through it together, at any cost.

A bingeable novel of suspense for fans of Mary Stewart and Stephenie Meyer, the sequel to Spiders in a Dark Web.

Praise from readers for the Strangers on This Road series:

“…a fun read with believable, likeable characters.”

“The never predictable plot keeps you reading until done. Mystery lovers will enjoy this one. Emily Senecal is a gifted writer who draws you to her every book.”

Literary review:

“Emily Senecal’s writing gives readers compelling, well-constructed plots that bring us deep into the lives of complex characters, and her narratives are accentuated by artistic imagery and a vivid sense of setting. The result is highly readable fiction that stays with the reader, writing one could classify as literary fiction just as easily as mystery.” –Zack O’Neill, University of Houston Writing Fellow, former editor-in-chief of Yemassee Literary Journal

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