NEW RELEASE: Past Damage

Available now on Amazon!

A new book by Emily Senecal is now available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

Past Damage

$3.99 Kindle | $10.95 Paperback | Free with Kindle Unlimited

After getting out of a toxic relationship and into a successful career in web design, Julia Wray is in a great place in her life. Running into her high school friend and former crush Eddie Fung in the supermarket is just another sign that things are looking up.

Except Eddie’s involved with another woman, and Julia’s creepy ex is still hovering around the edges of her social circles. When Eddie asks for Julia’s help with a bizarre family problem, events begin to spiral in disturbing and dangerous ways.

Swept into a dark tangle of fraud, blackmail and murder, Julia and Eddie are far out of their depth—as well as in the hot seat of local gossip. Only by digging deeper, taking risks and trusting each other will they find their way out.



“Emily Senecal’s writing gives readers compelling, well-constructed plots that bring us deep into the lives of complex characters, and her narratives are accentuated by artistic imagery and a vivid sense of setting. The result is highly readable fiction that stays with the reader, writing one could classify as literary fiction just as easily as mystery.”
Zack O’Neill, University of Houston Writing Fellow, former editor-in-chief of Yemassee Literary Journal


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