DARK SECRETS LIE BENEATH THE CITY… Book 8 released today!!!

Market Street, the Embarcadero, Davis, Clay and Sacramento… Beneath the offices and stores, the traffic and bikes and pedestrians, lie buried pieces of San Francisco’s past. And Becca Rossiter is about to find out just how dangerous delving into the past can be.

The eighth installment of Strangers on This Road is now available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. Get your copy today, and check out all the books in this suspenseful and entertaining series!

Beneath_These_Streets_COVER“Beneath These Streets” by Emily Senecal

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Beneath these streets lie dark and haunting secrets…

What begins as an ordinary Monday for Becca Rossiter ends with a visit from the police. A local high school history teacher has been murdered, a colleague from the historical association where she works. Becca’s involvement with the tragedy is slight at best—until she receives a surprising plea for help from the dead man’s son, Cal Fellows, who’s determined to learn the truth behind his father’s death.

Drawn into a perplexing and dangerous mystery, together Cal and Becca must unravel tangled secrets from San Francisco’s past, delving into the darkest roots of the Gold Rush city, in order to discover the killer.

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What readers are saying about the other books in the series:

“I liked this book so well I read it first for the ‘what happens next?’ and then reread for more details!”

“The fact that we meet new people that tie together back to people from the prior books is wonderful.”

“…a perfect book to take a break from real life and get lost in.”

“Love love love the book. Can’t put it down….”

“I liked the humor and intelligent commentary as well as the blend of romance and mystery…”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read what mystery comes up next.”

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