The Deep End | author’s note

I haven’t been spending much time on my blog lately, because I’ve become deeply involved in writing my next book. What began as a tiny spark of an idea has turned into 42,000 words and counting. In fact, I’m raring to get back to it right now so this is going to be pretty short.

What I love about writing is the way it takes me to another place. A place where my imagination connects directly to the blank page through language, through my fingers. It feels like magic when it’s happening—even if the first draft needs a whole lot of work (which they pretty much all do), the process is magical all the same.

Fira, SantoriniI’ve been researching the Greek islands. Santorini, Crete, Anafi. My mind has been filled with sunlight and sea air and dusty roads. Mountains and ancient ruins and tavernas on town squares. The light on the Aegean, picnicking at sunset in Ia. Ferry schedules, Greek cuisine, retsina and ouzo, the city map of Heraklion. I have six browser windows open right now all related to Greece. It’s been insanely fun, and has inspired me to plan a trip there next spring. I’ve never been to Greece, except in my mind, but I know when I arrive at Santorini the ferry dock will be familiar, I’ll be able to navigate without a map to Akrotiri and Fira and Ia, I’ll know what to see and where to stay on Anafi and what to order on Crete. I’ll know the layout of the Palace of Knossos and how long of a drive it is from Heraklion to Chania, as well as the fascinating history of each of these ancient cities. I’ll know how to say thank you in Greek—efharistó.

I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and had to physically restrain myself from buying guidebooks. I won’t be going to Greece until next year—but I will be going. Until then, I’ll be visiting it in most of my waking hours, as my characters stand on the northern coast of Crete, watching the sun sink slowly into the west.

– Emily

Oh—and Book 8 in the series releases in 2 days!!!

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